$NFB Token Utilities

Users who consistently hold or increase their NOS balance (and not reduce it) are actively rewarded with platform benefits. Here are some of the features and benefits that come with Holding:
Governance rights
Governance rights every token holders to vote for potential new features, attributes, and the final direction of NFTrade, playing a role to and shaping the coming days of the NFTrade platform.
The aptitude to stake and win exclusive collectible and utility-based NFT
A variety of diverse staking, NFT farming, and reward structures are being generated for $NFB holders. By staking $NFB, users will be capable to win exclusive collectible and utility-based NFTs.
A reduction on transaction fees
Following six months of mainnet accessibility,the NFTrade marketplace will introduce transaction fees. $NFB holders will profit from deep discounts on these fees.
Early Access to NFT release
NFT release and giveaways will be only convenient for $NFB token holders who stake their tokens. Over an exclusive $NFB Farm, users will be capable to win rewards to claim NFTs within the $NFB farm, furthermore all other farms hosted on NFBarter.