Future Plans & Development

This brief litepaper is just the beginning of a very long an exciting journey for NFbarter.
We will build and deploy the initial version of the NFbarter protocol with a mission to unlock this novel use cases give NFT creators and collectors a taste of a modern web3 marketplace.
We are on a mission to empower the Ethereum and Solana developer community as we will make the NFbarter protocol Open Sourced when completed.
NFbarter won’t have control or operate the NFbarter protocol.
We will be just one, among many other developers that are welcome to build on top of this shared protocol.
And as the NFbarter adoption grows, the developers can also create new evolving use-cases.
The NFbarter smart contracts will lay huge emphasis on efficiency and scalability while our long term goal is to transition into a DAO made up of Creators, Collectors and the entire Ethereum and Solana community in general.
The DAO will make use of both on-chain and off-chain methodologies and multi-sig wallets to maintain trust and transparency.
On that note, we will be introducing our Governance & Utility Token $NFB