NFbarter on Cardano Network

On NFbarter Users can agree to supply not just one NFT but also ADA, A blockchain Token (Like $WMT) and 5 Different NFTs from different collections as a “Barter Offer.”
In order for that offer to be accepted, a number of items must be received by the recipients indicated by the offerer — this is the “Barter consideration.”
Every NFbarter listing will be made up of the same structure, including an improved CIP that will clearly outline what can be spent and what will be received back by whom.
However, there are a number of different ways that the user choosing to Fulfill a Barter can choose to have Bater Offers fulfilled.
The most straightforward option involves a user (Fulfiller) choosing a specific Barter offer and agrees to mirror everything indicated in the Barter consideration and receives all Barter offer items and supplies all consideration items.
NFbarter will also support the option for any one to fulfill any number of listings at once through a set of “fulfillments”
A user can choose to fulfill the Barter consideration which will correspond to a single item transfer and also indicate a group of offer items that the submitter can match with corresponding consideration items.
As long as each consideration item on each listing is fully credited after all fulfillments have been applied, the offerers can leverage their coincidence of wants and complete their transfers.
This enables elimination of redundant transfers (which are generally the most gas-intensive component of the protocol) and allows for novel and efficient transactions.