How Does It Works

The NFBarter Protocol will work in a unique way that will allow NFT Offerers to optionally select both a “Chamber” and a “Pipelines” on any listing. Anyone can create new chambers or deploy new pipelines.
A Chamber is a validator script (a smart contract) that will perform additional validation before Barter Offer fulfillment, the chamber can also cancel the listing on behalf of the NFT offerer.
A pipeline is a validator node where NFT offerers can set token approvals, the pipeline owner can add and remove “layers” for the pipeline, and registered layers can instruct the pipeline on how to transfer tokens.
These two components will ensure that the features can be extensible and also make scalability possible while also giving creators, collectors, and NFT platforms ability to decide how they utilize NFbarter while maintaining the ability to be combined with other listings on the NFbarter protocol.
To Further Make NFbarter Unique, Each item on a Barter Offer listing can also have an optional offer to specify that some “Requirements” be met like, a specific # in a 5000, NFT Collection and also trait-level offers.
Also any Barter Offer listing can also choose to accept partial fulfillment of offered items, where offer fulfillers can choose to fulfill a portion of each of the total offered items and receive back an equivalent portion of each barter offer item as long as the relative ratios remain unchanged in regards to the initial Barter offer.
Barter Offerers can also merge partial Fulfillments with Requirement-based items to create offers to buy or sell multiple NFTs that all share a given characteristic.
The NFbarter protocol will also “NFribe” as an offer fulfiller may include additional items like extra ADA, CNFTs or additional NFTs when fulfilling a barter offer as long as they do not “Nfribe” more than the original offer.
This feature will allow vendors or collectors to include their own fees which can also be combined with Chambers to support Barter Offers with dynamic prices and recipients.