Introducing NFbarter Swap

Today, we’re excited to announce NFBarter, a protocol for trading and exchanging Non-Fungible tokens.
NFBarter is a web3 decentralized protocol for trading Non-Fungible tokens in a safe and efficient way.
Problems We Are Trying To Solve
By launching & deploying NFBarter on Cardano will bring forth a more advanced and decentralized Non-funglibe token trading protocol that will address the liquidity problem in the NFT space.
Solving this Liquidity problem allows for more novel opportunities, allowing creators to bundle multiple NFTs into a single offer and also allow investors to gain price exposure to NFT projects without identifying and buying individual NFTs, and allows for fairer price setting and easier trading of NFTs by collectors and newcomers alike.
The cardano NFTs ecosystem has seen a tremendous increase with some projects recording over millions in daily trading volume.
We’re incredibly excited to be launching in this period and building on both cardano as we will utilizing this current bear market to focus on developing the platform and building up our community through the early backers.
NFbarter protocol won’t just be for cardano we will gradually evolve into being a Decentralized Multi-Chain NFT Peer To Peer Marketplace bridging the gap between creators and collectors of NFTs.
The NFbarter core smart contract will be open sourced and decentralized as there will be no contract owner, instead it will be owned collectively controlled by a multi-sig wallet of the top 20 $NFB Token Holders.
$NFB token holders will also have other multiple benefits that will be discussed later on this Litepaper.
Last modified 7mo ago